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What Do Guardianship Attorneys Do?

guardianship attorneys

What Do Guardianship Attorneys Do?

Appointing a guardian for a child or a disabled individual is a big choice. The National Council on Disability cites that at least 1.3 million disabled people are under guardianship in the U.S. Not only is this a big choice, but it’s also a complicated legal matter. It’s often necessary to hire the help of guardianship attorneys in order to make sure the process is done thoroughly and legally. Let’s look at what exactly a guardianship attorney can do to help you through this process.

Helps You Understand Guardianship

One of the most important things that a guardianship attorney will do is to help you better understand guardianship and what it entails. This is especially important if you are attempting to set up guardianship for a differently-abled adult. There are many legal implications in this process, such as what qualifies someone as a capable guardian. These traits are important to comprehend if you find yourself

Helps You Understand Different Kinds of Guardianship

Another reason why legal assistance is helpful is the greater understanding you gain of varying types of guardianship. Guardianship over an estate has different complexities than guardianship of a person. Furthermore, full and limited guardianship of a person contains contrasting responsibilities regarding medical needs, the person’s rights to file for divorce, their financial rights, and more.

Helps You Understand the Duties of a Guardian

It is vital that you understand the duties that a guardian would carry before you make this full commitment. It’s also necessary to understand these duties before you appoint a guardian for your child or for someone with disabilities. Understanding the duties will better inform your decision when choosing someone as you will want to pick someone who is well qualified for the role.

Oversee Legal Requirements

One of the most important roles that guardianship attorneys play is to oversee the legal requirements necessary to make a guardianship official. There are many documents that need to be completed and submitted carefully. One mistake can mess up the entire process. Having a legal expert on your side ensures that all of these many details are covered and executed properly. A lawyer can also help to make sure that your rights are also being protected as the guardian and that no one is forcing you into a role you aren’t prepared for or qualified for.

If you’re in need of guardianship attorneys, please contact Curbelo & Romero today. We are here to learn more about your case and attend to your legal needs.

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