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We know that legal action can be overwhelming. We are dedicated to understanding what results you want and helping you understand what actions we can take on your behalf. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you know your choices and feel empowered to make them. And that’s precisely what our probate attorneys in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area are committed to achieving at Curbelo and Romero, P.A.

Our intention is simple — we want to achieve the best possible results while protecting your best interests. Such tunnel vision has served our clients and us well, as we have generated tremendous results for them over the years.

We provide high-quality legal representation to clients across Miami and all of Florida. Our legal representatives are known for professionally handling matters related to probate, estate planning, and guardianship while helping clients identify their legal options, especially the ones that best serve the client’s interests.

We Prioritize Dedication to Excellence

At Curbelo and Romero, P.A., we prefer to meet challenges head-on, providing exceptional personal service, lower clients’ overhead costs, and developing a case strategy to resolve the case successfully. Contact us now to book an appointment and discuss your legal options.

While you do that, please check out all of the legal services we provide at Curbelo and Romero, P.A. We want our interaction to be straightforward, open, and educational.

Miami Probate Attorney Dedicated to Protecting Your Interests

As a resident of Florida or someone with property in the state, you must understand what happens to the assets of the person that has recently passed. The idea here is to identify the appropriate beneficiaries among whom the assets will be distributed. The entire process of property and assets distribution is conducted legally under probate and the directions of the Florida State Court.

The cases involving probate administration can be processed through formal and summary administration, which is why you need a Miami probate attorney. Cases involving the latter go through a more streamlined process as the deceased person has relatively few assets to distribute. Then certain assets wouldn’t require probate administration. Such assets are generally contained in a trust or have designated or defined beneficiaries.

Regardless, all the assets mentioned or contained in a will must undergo probate administration so that the court can ensure the designated beneficiaries or heirs receive them. What if there are no designated beneficiaries to the assets? What if there is no will in the first place? In this case, the court will involve the rule of intestate succession.

The rules and legislation related to probate administration can be quite confusing and complicated. However, with our expertise and law knowledge, you will always find yourself making the right moves and smoothly guiding through the probate process. Feel free to contact us and book an appointment with a Miami probate attorney you can count on.

Estate Planning Attorney Miami to Devise Your Will or Trust

Estate planning is developing a will or trust, also called an estate planning instrument. We suggest everyone decide what happens to their assets upon their death. Doing so will help your loved ones figure out what to do with the assets you’ve left behind.

However, devising a will is more complex than it sounds. First, you must consider Florida’s legal requirements to develop a notarized will. What if you created a will and want to change it or write a new one? These possibilities are common; hence, we recommend contacting our expert estate planning attorney in Miami to get the job done.

If you want to change your will, all you need to do is write a new will, make sure the will is witnessed correctly, and match the requirements of the original will. You can also add a document (an addendum) to the original will to bring in the new changes. Not just that, you can also identify a personal representative for your estate and a guardian for children (minor).

Guardianship Attorney Miami to Protect Your Loved One's Interests

Guardianship is a legal arrangement that renders an adult responsible for the care, custody, and maintenance of a minor or estate. Unfortunately, guardianship administration matters can get very complicated in Florida. Therefore, we suggest you call our law firm for all the help needed with adult guardianship and incapacity matters.

What should you consider before petitioning to become a child’s guardian? You should first figure out if guardianship is really necessary. Next, you should have adequate evidence to support your claim that guardianship is required. Finally, as your legal representative, we will help you identify all the legal options and alternatives to guardianship so you make the right decision.

Remember, the court will only grant guardianship if you can prove that no other arrangement would work and that guardianship alone is in the person’s best interest. In our experience, the laws related to guardianship can be very overwhelming for parents and cause emotional distress in children.

We highly recommend you have a guardianship attorney in Miami who understands the law and is always in your corner. Our guardianship attorneys will help you fill out all the necessary forms, file the paperwork with the court, effectively advocate and present the facts to the court, and significantly improve the chances of achieving the desired results.

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We are all in for delivering exceptional customer service. Our legal representatives are always dedicated to being available to clients. At Curbelo and Romero P.A., providing fantastic customer service and the best results leads to a happier customer base. Here are the values we preach at our law firm —


Legal cases related to probate, estate planning, and guardianship can sometimes be very trying. Such cases often touch sensitive subjects and demand utmost sincerity and seriousness when dealing with them. At Curbelo and Romero, P.A. law firm, we push all our legal representatives to step into your shoes, listen, and understand your side of the story.


All legal representatives at our firm are attorneys by choice. They are highly passionate about bringing justice and advocating for their clients. Your legal representative at Curbelo and Romero will work with the utmost respect, honesty, and passion.


We must always be on the same page. Therefore, we maintain complete transparency with what we do at our legal firm. As a client, you can rest assured that everything from legal fees to possible case outcomes will be transparent and clear for your convenience.


There's a lot at stake for everyone related to a legal case. It can be one of the most trying times of your life. As your legal representatives, we look forward to making ourselves accessible through phone, text, email, and other media. You can rely on us, especially when you need us the most.


We have strict policies and guidelines that all our attorneys have to follow when dealing with your legal case. As a result, you can rest assured that our law firm will never put you into trouble or jeopardize your reputation. We are known for maintaining the confidentiality and establishing trust that lasts forever.Contact us to book an appointment. Our legal representative will connect with you, learn about the issue, and discuss the various possibilities. Let's get started!

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