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Are you looking for an estate planning attorney in Miami, Florida? Then, you are on the right page, as we are here to show how an estate planning attorney can help you formulate or review your estate plan. Hiring an estate planning attorney is an excellent decision since you want to create a legally valid estate plan.

When do you need an estate planning attorney in Miami?

There are several reasons why one might need the help of an estate planning attorney. One of the most common reasons people look for estate planning lawyers is when they have an estate plan prepared when they were young, which they now want to update or change. Another reason for hiring an estate planning attorney is when you have a large or blended family or have minor children or family members that require special care.

People also hire an estate planning attorney when they believe a family member might contest their will, especially if they own family businesses or properties. You may also want to hire a lawyer if you want to create a trust, have assets in other countries, or are worried about taxes related to inheritance or estate.


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What does an estate planning attorney in Miami do?

What are the functions of an estate planning attorney? Well, you must know that all estate planning lawyers at our firm specialize in estate, trust, or probate-related federal and state laws. Therefore, they are well-versed in the law and can help review your estate plan. In addition, our estate planning attorneys will ensure you create or update the estate plan to align them with your interests and goals.

Our estate planning attorneys will help you prepare your last will and testament. These documents are required when you want to determine what will happen with your assets upon your demise. In other words, you will use the will or testament to identify individuals or organizations as beneficiaries of your assets. The documents will also help the court determine guardians for your children, especially minors.

Do you want to have a living will? We can help you develop one too! A living will is an advance directive generally used to specify what you want to be done to you if you become ill. This document allows you to communicate your wishes and preferences when you are not in the situation to communicate the same. A living will also help present preferences for your funeral.

You may wish to transfer your assets to a living trust. In such cases, you are willing to appoint a trustee to manage the trust fund on behalf of its beneficiaries effectively. Moreover, this arrangement ensures the transfer of funds doesn’t fall into probate. In other words, having a trust keeps you from the lengthy legal process of probate and saves you a lot of money.

An estate planning attorney in Miami can also help you determine beneficiaries for accounts in banks, life insurance policies, or other investments. When you appoint beneficiaries to such account funds, you ensure that the funds are passed onto the beneficiaries outside probate.

Our estate planning attorneys can also prepare your durable power of attorney documents. These documents help determine who can make financial or medical decisions on your behalf. Besides these, an estate planning attorney can answer all your estate planning questions and eliminate any confusion.

Connect with our estate planning attorneys today and book an appointment for your free 30-minute consultation!

What is a will or testament?

A will or testament is a formal legal process involved in estate planning. The document ensures that your assets and belongings are cared for upon death. There are different types of wills, such as holographic will, self-providing will, and oral will. To create a will in Miami, you need to be 18 years old, and you should be able to sign the will, list the assets and whoever inherits them, appoint an executor for property distribution, and choose a guardian for minors.

What is a Trust?

A trust is a legal document also applicable when the settler is alive. The document identifies the settler and the trustee while mentioning the liberties and power to manage or supervise the assets among the beneficiaries. There are several types of trusts, such as living, testamentary, revocable, irrevocable, spendthrift, and more. To fulfill the requirements for a trust, you need to include at least one beneficiary other than yourself; the trust must be in written form and should be duly signed.

What is a durable power of attorney?

A durable power of attorney is another legal document that gives an individual the authority to decide for himself. First, contact us to create a durable power of attorney document without effort. Then, book an appointment for your free 30-minute consultation!

Benefits of hiring a Miami estate planning attorney

Now that you are well-acquainted with why you might need an estate planning attorney, it’s time you realize how hiring an estate planning lawyer can benefit you in the long term. So let’s find out, shall we?

1.Legal expertise

Most estate planning lawyers have incredible expertise and knowledge of the laws and regulations, especially those that govern trusts. Their experience and training allow them to provide keen advice on maneuvering through the law and developing the best type of trust for your particular needs. In addition, they will do their best to ensure the optimum utilization of your funds to provide what you legally need.


Our estate planning attorneys know that everyone has their own needs and goals. Therefore, providing legal options that suit your objectives is essential. We will help you customize your trust and deliver ongoing trust management while being open to making any changes. Most importantly, we ensure the changes don't impact the trust's ability to stay adequately funded.

3.Charitable giving

Do you have a philanthropic side as well? Our estate planning attorneys are all ears and willing to build you an excellent instrument to make philanthropic gifts through charitable trusts and other mediums. So feel free to call us for your 30-minute complimentary consultation from our estate planning expert.

4.Tax implications

Be cautious about the various tax implications your trusts can face. Our attorneys are well-qualified and trained to understand the tax implications and can advise you on the best ways to structure the trusts. The idea here is to minimize the taxes on the trusts while ensuring maximum benefits for the beneficiaries involved.

5.Protection of beneficiaries

Another massive benefit of hiring an estate planning lawyer is that trust attorneys can effectively administer the trust making sure the interests of your heirs are taken care of. In the process, we will ensure that your trust assets are managed to keep them protected from creditors.

6.Incapacity planning

An estate planning attorney is handy when you don't find yourself in the physical or mental condition to make decisions for yourself. In the case of incapacity, an estate planning attorney in Miami will help you create documents like a durable power of attorney or living will — allowing you to specify how your assets will be managed when you can't do it yourself.
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