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4 Qualities to Look For in Guardianship Lawyers

4 Qualities to Look For in Guardianship Lawyers

When you need to establish legal guardianship over a loved one who can no longer make decisions for themselves, finding the right lawyer is crucial. As you search for guardianship lawyers to handle your case, here are four important qualities to look for.

1. Experience Handling Guardianship Cases

Look for a lawyer with extensive experience specifically with guardianship petitions. Guardianship law can be complex, with strict legal requirements around assessing mental capacity and proving the need for a guardian. An experienced attorney will understand the intricacies and help ensure your petition is airtight. Ask prospects about their background with cases like yours, so choose someone well-versed in this specialty.

2. Commitment to the Client’s Best Interests

The outcome of a guardianship case truly impacts people’s lives, so you need a lawyer who prioritizes their clients’ well-being. According to an NCI in-person survey, over 80% of guardians are family members, 3.0% are friends, just over 11% are public guardians, over 2% are nonprofit guardianship agencies, and another 1% are financial institutions or for-profit guardianship agencies. Make sure any attorney you consider has a track record of crafting guardianship arrangements truly in the best interests of the protected person. Ask for examples of how they’ve worked compassionately with clients to develop guardian plans respecting the values and preferences of the person needing assistance.

3. Strong Reputation for Ethics

Guardianship cases require sound moral and ethical judgment, so prioritize guardianship lawyers respected for operating ethically. Verify prospects are in good professional standing and check reviews for any concerns over ethical conduct. You want an attorney who will help ensure guardians never exploit persons under their care. Make sure no red flags are raised over any lawyer’s reputation for ethics before moving forward.

4. Clear and Responsive Communication

Navigating the guardianship legal process involves many questions and constant updates as your case progresses. Look for responsive, transparent attorneys committed to keeping you fully informed. Make sure prospects are clear communicators who listen attentively and address all your concerns. You need an attorney easily reachable and willing to provide ongoing, compassionate guidance, so you feel empowered through an incredibly difficult experience.

Establishing a guardianship over someone requires complex legal navigation with profoundly life-altering implications. Choosing the right lawyer makes all the difference. If you’re looking to hire guardianship lawyers to help you with a legal situation, reach out to us today at Curbelo and Romero, P.A. to get started.

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